I've chosen Park of the Palms. There is a warmth about the entire place. It does not look like a retirement place, and it does not look like an assisted living. In fact, I stayed three nights. They paid for one, and the other two I paid for. The residents made me feel welcome. I went to dinner, and I was a bit late on Saturday night. When I got there, all the tables were taken, so I sat by myself at the table, which was fine. Across from me, there were four ladies sitting on one table and one looked at me and smiled, and that was nice. She smiled at me; she wanted me to feel welcome, and it was great. Also, they have all the amenities, plus it goes from assisted living all the way to hospice care. Then there is a church there, and they have services on Sunday. I attended the Sunday church service, and even then, I felt welcomed. The room I stayed in was like a huge luxury hotel room. The unit that I toured was a two-bedroom-two-bath -- it was a duplex -- but it shared laundry with one other unit. Then, I saw a two-bedroom-two-bath with a washer and dryer in the unit, and that was the one in the quadruplexes. The place was immaculate, and I was very impressed. The dining room overlooked Brooklyn Lake. It was just beautiful. There were lots of trees. The whole place is beautiful. There was a library and a swimming pool. You can go on tours wherever you want to go. Plus medical, there are doctors and nearby hospitals. They can come in, or you can call if there is an emergency.

Missy Care.com

My mom is in Park of the Palms. It is wonderful. She is happy and busy. It is just awesome. Everybody is really friendly and attentive. She has a large bedroom, a large living area, and a small kitchen. They have game nights every Wednesday, a swimming pool, picnic areas, and a church. They also have a bus that takes residents to the grocery store. She says the food is wonderful. The dining room overlooks the lake.

Chris Care.com

They have an amazing staff. Everyone is so sweet and caring!

Krystal C. Facebook

A welcomed and warm place to be!

Tamiko H. Google

It's a loving and caring Christian place for the elderly. You know the staff have a heart!!!

Bremar A. Google

A happy place, clean, with wonderful CNAs and great food!

Betsy M. Facebook

I moved to the Park of the Palms in August 2012. I moved into an independent living apartment and found it to be just what I wanted. I am comfortable, contented, and I feel safe. Something that I have seen and felt is the love and concern for all the residents. This creates an atmosphere (in our little retirement community) that is so important to me. The Park is a jewel in North Central Florida.

Jean B. Handwritten Letter

Park of the Palms has been my home for the last 11 years. The decision I made to move a couple of years after my husband of 59 years was suddenly ushered into heaven is one of the best I have ever made. Here I feel safer than I might in a big city. The Park is a beautiful, peaceful with affordable rates and my cozy 2 bedroom 2 bath duplex apartment is just right for me. A safe place to live, many new friends, a beautiful pool, friendly neighbors who never intrude but who care, a capable staff ready and able to please, meals in the dining room if wanted, security in knowing the Assisted Living Facility is available if needed, no need to worry about maintenance, plenty to do but also time to sit and read a good book. What more could I ask as I continue life’s journey here on earth.

Helen P. Handwritten Letter

This is the quietest and most well-run facility I have ever been in. The nursing staff is so connected to the residents. The caregivers and activities staff are incredible and so patient and kind. The housekeeping is right on target. The facility is dated but very well-kept.

Debbie C. Google